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Oasis Hair Follicle Detoxification Shampoo dissolves all toxins, and naturally allows the hair to eliminate them by process of irrigating hair. Oasis Quick Hair Follicle Detoxification Shampoo is designed to be taken the day you have to give the testing agency your hair sample. This product work in just 10 minutes after washing your hair, and will cleanse the hair follicles of marijuana, THC, cocaine, and medical drugs. Oasis Hair Follicle Detox is a combination of antigen type fatty acids with Proteins that disintegrates all foreign chemicals. Money back guaranteed, just follow the instructions.
  • Works in 10 Minutes

  • Free product offer

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Effective up to 12 Hours

Note: Oasis Hair Follicle Detoxification Shampoo is designed to cleanse toxins in individuals who must offer laboratories a hair sample for drug testing purposes. Follow instructions carefully.

1. Wash Hair with Oasis Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo.

2. Leave in hair for 10minutes, and then rinse.

3. Repeat Step 2 and go take your test.

Useful tips:

  • Avoid all toxins 48Hours before using

  • After using shampoo avoid all contact with drugs, and people smoking drugs.

  • Make sure to use new comb or brush when doing hair